Why Military Brass?

7Military once-fired brass

Our military and federal agencies expend tons of small arms ammunition on a monthly basis for nothing more than annual qualification, therefore military brass  dominates the market. Military brass differs from commercial brass in that it is a thicker walled case (hence less internal volume – the reason why it’s recommended to lower your starting charge during load development.) and primers are crimped.  It must withstand extraordinary methods of transportation and a combat environment.  MILSPEC brass is tough and will last you many reloads.  The extra material in the casing will eventually be trimmed off between loadings and in theory should last longer than some commercially available cartridges.


Because once fired brass is used brass, it may have small but visible cosmetic imperfections.  At VD, we ship 102.5% of the quantity ordered to cover any damaged brass which may have slipped past our watchful eye.  All of the rifle brass we sell is 100% brass and boxer primed, once fired military.

We do not source rifle brass from public shooting ranges, this ensures / verifies all of the rifle brass we sell was truly once-fired.  If you have questions regarding the history of any brass we have available, don’t hesitate to ask.  We’re small enough where we can keep track and personally answer your questions