Inert Grenades/flash bangs

as of 1-11-2018 i have theĀ Model 7290M in stock

to be clear these are INERT. they contain no charge and the fuse is expended already. this is 100% inert and complies with all DRMO rules/regs

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Coolest paperweights ever!
$20 delivered for one .
$28 delivered for two.
$8 for each additional one added to your order.


Or add it to a order of brass and i will box it inside with your order. @$8 per flash bang. Message me if you wish to have this added to your order.


to be clear these are INERT.
they include the hammer, spoon, and the flashbang body


I in stock theĀ  Model 7290M

IMG_20160602_131146 IMG_20160602_131135

IMG_20160602_131153 IMG_20160602_131115